Board & Batten

Board & Batten Series Wooden Sheds

The Board & Batten Series has a rustic appeal. Each of the Board & Batten structures have the traditional board and batten exterior that can be stained or painted. Standard with these models is the architectural shingled room with 3’ overhang. Standard 8×8 to 8×12 models include; 1 window with slat shutters. Standard 8×14 to 14×48 models include; 2 windows with slat shutters. The standard doors on a board and batten are also board and batten to match the building. Wall vents are standard as with all of our models.

Board & Batten models need to be treated much like a log structure. Their exterior needs to be upkept with stain to preserve the natural wood. More care also needs to taken to keep additional moisture away from these models.

An alternative to the traditional Board & Batten would be the LP Board & Batten. Both exteriors are similar in price, only the LP Board & Batten weathers just as the Smartside would, needing little additional care. The main difference would be the additional shine on the LP Board & Batten due to staining over the weather resistant coating.

The Board & Batten Series

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