Carolina Series

Carolina Series Garden Sheds

The Carolina Series buildings are the most cost-efficient model that we manufacture. To provide a low-cost building to our customers we don’t add any additions or features standard to this model. All of the Carolina Models have a simple construction. They are constructed of a Smartside exterior that can either be painted or stained, have a standard set of solid double doors, vents, and an architectural shingled roof. The Smartside is covered under a 50-year manufacturer warranty and we provide a 30-year warranty on the structural portion of the building. Don’t let the price tag and lack of frills deter you from this model. The Carolina Series are plain on visual appeal, but are a sturdy building that will exceed your expectations and meet your storage needs.

One difference that you will find between the Carolina Series and the Painted Smartside Series is the roofline where it meets the upper wall. You’ll see that it’s smaller than on our other models. You will also find that there aren’t windows in the standard Carolina Models. We keep these models as simple as possible, to offer a cost efficient building to solve basic storage needs.

When you’re shopping around, if you’re looking for the most cost efficient storage building or garage, Smartside is the way to go. When people look at Smartside, they may think that it’s T1-11 because the look is very similar, but the difference is amazing. LP Smartside is coated to have an excellent weather resistance. So much so, that the manufacturer of the LP Smartside that we purchase, gives a 50 year manufacturer warranty. Now that’s standing behind a product.

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