Delivery Option #1

Our first delivery option is the most used by customers and that it the traditional truck and trailer option. One of the awesome guys from MB Transportation brings in a truck with a flatbed, hydraulic trailer on to the property, backs in, and carefully slides the building off. It's that simple. All you have to do is have a wide enough entrance for the truck to maneuver and have your building pad prepped and ready for your new building.  We can deliver a single building up to 16x48 using this option. If you would like to order a bigger building that's great! We will just bring it to you in sections and assemble it on your property.

Delivery Option #2

Delivery Option 2 is using the mule to maneuver the building around your property.  If your property isn't set up that a truck and trailer can back on to it, say for example you live in the city with tight streets, we can unload your building right on to the street and walk it in to your back yard on drop it on your prepared level pad.

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We have been building and delivering sheds, cabins, garages, and many other structures for years. If you're unsure if a building will fit in a specific spot, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to come take a look at no cost to you and explain your options.

We will respect you property and our delivery company is fully insured. The delivery company is professional and very careful, but if an accident should happen we will make sure that everything is made right with you.

We can arrange to have your site set up with a stone pad for an additional fee. If you choose to prep the site yourself here are some things to remember. It must be level for the windows and doors to work properly and to maintain the structural integrity of the building. If you are having a building seamed together from sections it will not seam correctly if the pad is not level. If you need help having a pad put in we can install it for you at an additional fee or depending on where you're located we may know a reputable company to place the pad in for you. The most popular material for a base is crushed stone.

At any time if you have any questions feel free to contact us. We want to make your purchase as smooth and enjoyable as possible.