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In Stock Models
Model # 1616S
Model # 1616S
6x8 Vinyl Lean To
ivory, brown, brown, 2 3' doors 1 side, 1 end,1 window end, rubber floor, partition center

$2,280 + sales tax
Rent to own: $100.70 per month with $100.70 down payment
Model # 1611S
Model 1611S

24x24 Double Garage, (2) 9x7 garage doors, 3' man door, and 3 windows

IN STOCK PRICE $12,390+sales tax

Rent to own:
$524.42 per month
$2188.12 down payment
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Model - 1619S

12x30 Classic Dormer

6’ Double door  

5 lite dormer . 


Total $8087.+ sales tax

*Used & Repo Models*

Model - 1593R

Model - 1597R


Model 1593R


14x16 Classic A frame with higher walls and a 12/12 pitch roof with a dormer on one side.

$12,644+sales tax


$2234 down payment

It was fully finished on the interior but we had to rip the upper part of the T1-11 out as well as the insulation in order to lower the roof.

That is the way we are selling.


If you are interested in purchasing this building and having the upper part of the building refinished, it will cost approximately $1000. more, depending on where you live. 


The pictures above are only a reference to what the building looked like when it was fully assembled. It will be sold with no interior furnishings.

Model 1597R


12x16 vinyl Carolina

$2,000+sales tax

$98.32/ month

$98.32 down payment


Half brown metal and half dual gray shingles

(2) 9 lite doors 

(3) windows 

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