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In Stock Models
Model # 1614S
12x24 Classic A white, white, black metal, 8' x6'6" double doors end, 3' 15 lite slab side, 5 windows, work bench.

STOCK MODEL PRICE: $8,295 + sales tax
$366.37/ month RTO with one payment down.
Model # 1616S
6x8 Vinyl Lean To
ivory, brown, brown, 2 3' doors 1 side, 1 end,1 window end, rubber floor, partition center

$2,280 + sales tax
Rent to own: $100.70 per month with $100.70 down payment
Model # 1611S
Model 1611S

24x24 Double Garage, (2) 9x7 garage doors, 3' man door, and 3 windows

IN STOCK PRICE $12,390+sales tax

Rent to own:
$524.42 per month
$2188.12 down payment
Model # 1543S
12x24 Painted Smartside A-Frame Single Garage
(1) 9x7 Garage door, (1)3' man door, and (2) windows

$5,889 + sales tax
$270.06/month RTO
$270.09 Down Payment
Model # 1539S
24x24 Painted Smartside Double Wide 2 Story Garage
(2) 9x7 Garage doors, (1) 3' Transom Man door, (8) windows

$18,715+sales tax
$792.14 /month RTO
$3,306.32 Down Payment
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Model - 1617S

Model 1617S - NEW Building

10x14 Classic A Frame w/ dormer, dk.gray, white trim, and black roofing, 1 5'door end, 1 3' door side, 2 windows, 4 transom dormer

Retail Price: $4783+sales tax

RTO: $221.24/month with 1 payment down

*Used & Repo Models*

Model - 1590R

Model 1590R - Repo Building

Excellent Condition

12x16 Smartside Victorian

Green with white trim and green shingled roofing, (1) 9 lite door, (2) windows side, and (1) half round window. Partially insulated & wired.

$4,600+sales tax

$213.16/ month with one payment down.

Model - 1565U

Model 1565U

4X4 Coal Bin

$550+sales tax

Model - 1562U

10x12 Vinyl A-Frame

2,450+sales tax
$108.20/mo RTO with
$108.20 Down

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