About Us

A Wunderbar Story

While Wunderbar Structures is a fairly new name on the market, our brand of buildings has been manufactured since 1997. Production of our buildings is done by E.K.’s Structures LLC our parent company, which is an Amish-owned and operated company from Loganton, Pennsylvania.

E.K.’s (Vinyl) Structures was started in 1997 by Emanuel K Peachey Sr. Emanuel Sr started his working life in farming, and after giving farming a try for a brief time he decided that farming just wasn’t for him. Emanuel Sr. who is a skilled craftsman began his work in construction, building new homes, garages, and additions. Emanuel Sr did this for a number of years before deciding that although he enjoyed building he was spending too much time away from his family. Because of Emanuel Sr.’s ways of life being an Amish man he wanted to work close to home and with his family, this was the beginning of E.K.’s (Vinyl) Structures of Loganton, PA, founded in 1997.

Since then, we have grown substantially. We now have a wholesale division, EK’s Structures and a retail division, Wunderbar Structures, with two sales locations owned directly by us, one in Loganton, PA and the other in Dickson City, PA. Our goal is to make Wunderbar Structures the famous product to solve your building needs and the building needs of many for years to come!

From 1997 to 2008, only vinyl-sided buildings were produced and the only location to purchase these buildings was in Loganton, Pennsylvania. During the late summer of 2008, E.K’s Vinyl Structures was sold to its present owner Emanuel K Peachey Jr., and was renamed E.K.’s Structures. Emanuel Jr. had already accumulated many years of shed building experience from his father and from work every day in the shop doing all of the tasks from beginning to end in the shed construction process.

Many changes began to take place after the sale of the company. Not necessarily easy changes. The production of different styles of buildings began, but so began the long hours, hard work, and a lot of trial and error while trying to expand. Building the products was never an issue, the dedicated men that build all of the structures are all talented and bring their own strengths and skills into each building that we produce. No longer just producing vinyl buildings, we now produce buildings made of Smartside, T1-11, Board & Batten, Log, Metal, & Vinyl.

Our buildings also went from storage sheds to single and double garages, two-story buildings, recreational cabins, and so much more. Any of the many styles that we sell can be customized into almost anything you would desire to purchase.

You may have noticed that our advertisements now have a different name. In order for the business to grow it was an important decision to separate our manufacturing name from our retail name. E.K.’s Structures has changed just our retailing name to Wunderbar Structures and it is still the same top quality buildings made by the same builders.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

Unlike some businesses, when you contact us you are going straight to the source you might say. By using any of our contact methods you are contacting any of us who work directly in the main office, where we have all of the resources to answer questions and provide customer service. As we evolve and hopefully grow, we will continue to offer our customers the best service available along with competitive pricing and exceptional quality products.