Starting our company blog.....

Our web host company has been sending me daily emails saying our company needs a blog. At first I couldn't think of why a shed company could possibly need a blog. I had the mind set that we manufacture buildings and we sell them so what's to tell?.....And then it dawned on me... There's so much more to it than that. We're just so accustomed to our company that we don't really think about all the guidance that we give our customers, all the explaining that we do on our products to help our customer's make the right purchasing decisions for their needs, and so on. So our new blog will consist of the knowledge that we have...from picking out exterior, how to figure out the space you will need to store all your stuff, to stone pad installation, whatever we think of that week while we're assisting customers. It may not sound very exciting but it may just be the right guidance that someone needs before making a purchasing decision. I'll try to stay away from technical terms and professional styles of writing and just keep things plain and simple.

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