Site Preparation Services 

We offer optional site preparation service to make purchasing your new building simple, and stress free.

Preparation includes excavation and leveling of the building site. Then filling the 4x6 framed, prepared site with 4"-6" of clean stone, leveled and compacted.

The stone foundation is not only a foundation, but also a drainage bed to prevent moisture from rotting the sides of the structure and the flooring. Our preparation methods will also prevent uneven settling and extend the life of the structure. 


Polypropylene Fabric

This material will separate the stone pad from the ground. This makes for faster drainage and greater stability. It also prevents weeds from growing up around the structure. 

Add .30/ sq ft for this feature.

Perimeter Options:

Upgrade to 6x6 frame, add 18% 

Oval Perimeter, add 15%

Octagon Perimeter, add 30%


Mileage rate starts at our Loganton, PA location to the prep site @ $3.15/loaded mile

Then add pad price to calculate pricing. 

Prices are subject to change depending on the complication of the site or areas that will require additional travel for our prep crew.

Note: Pricing listed is dependent upon site being within 10" off level. If pad is more than 10" off level, additional charges may apply. Site Crew will collect any additional charges on the day the work is being completed. 

10"-20" off level, additional 20%

20"-28" off level, additional 30%

More than 28" off level, custom quote

Also Note: Pads cannot be included in rent to own contracts. They must be paid outright usless the building is being financed.