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  From purchasing to delivery we could not be happier with the two story shed from your company. 

  Jim ,the salesman at your location just north of dickson city treated us very well and was very informative and helpful. He was the deciding factor on why we chose wunderbar structures rather than a competitive company. 

  Lester, the delivery guy was outstanding in how he placed the shed, It was amazing to watch one guy move such a large shed with the specialty trailer. 
The next day 3 gentlemen came out to our place and raised the roof for us. Very skilled and friendly crew to talk to and watch work. 

  All said and done my wife and I could not be more satisfied with your product and service. The shed will serve as our future "cabin in the woods" . 
    Thank you


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One word could sum up my experience with Wundarbar services …WOW.


Emanuel, Kristy, Katie and David and Kaleb , Matt all were exceptional in handling of the order.  I had a particular issue with removing an existing Shed and transporting it to the new owner. The transportation team worked above and beyond to help me in the transportation of the existing shed. They went way over board for assisting me and providing a reasonable price for the move.  Kaleb, drove 4.5 hours to deliver the new shed.  Wow, Wow. When he arrived at my house, he took care of everything and repaired some damage on the roof of the shed.  I am so glad we requested the mule as the original plan would have been difficult to move new shed in place and take old one out.


Emanuel, Kristy, Katie and David were extremely helpful. They delivered the shed on the date promised. The team worked with me on the financing of the shed and was really painless. I had gone back and forth on the Shed options and trying to decide and the team provided me with accurate information.  I had ordered a 10x16 shed and did not realize the magnitude of the Shed size. The classic option I requested was more than I could imagine.  I was not expecting the shed to be that large due to the classic option.


The shed quality is outstanding and had no issues on the shed build.  My 2 regrets on my part was to have visited the Wundarbar so I could visually see the size of the structure and I should have had the site prep done by the team.  


I would highly recommend Wunderbar and have to say the  pricing is competitive with competition.


Thanks for all the team has done to get me thru this process.

-John Lisacchi-