Board & Batten Single Wide A Garage

Robust Construction and Design Features

● Insulated Garage Door: A standout feature is the 9×7 insulated garage door,
designed for energy efficiency and optimal thermal comfort.
● Convenient Man Door: The inclusion of a 36″ slab man door adds functionality,
providing easy and convenient access.
● Window Options for Natural Light: The garage is equipped with 1 to 2 windows
adorned with vinyl shutters, contributing to its charm. These shutters can be
replaced with window trim, offering customization without additional cost.
● Roofing Choices: It comes standard with an architectural shingled roof with a 3″
overhang, offering longevity and aesthetic appeal. An upgrade to a metal roof is
available for those seeking a different style or added durability.

Enhanced Durability with Practical Features
● Pressure-Treated Flooring: The foundation of the garage is laid with pressure-
treated flooring, known for its resistance to decay and pests, ensuring a long-
lasting and sturdy base.
● Effective Ventilation: Wall vents are strategically included to facilitate proper air
circulation, vital for maintaining the internal environment and the integrity of
stored items.
● Safety with Tread Plates: Tread plates are incorporated for added safety and
durability, enhancing the overall functionality of the garage.




Warranty and Customer Assurance
Reflecting the commitment to quality, the Board & Batten A-Frame Garage comes with
warranties that underscore its construction excellence and durability.

Customization to Suit Your Needs
Beyond its primary function as a storage space, this garage offers versatility. It can be
transformed into a personalized workshop, a haven for your hobbies, or a secure place
for your vehicle. The ability to customize aspects like roofing material and window
treatments allows you to tailor the garage to your specific aesthetic and functional

The Board & Batten A-Frame Garage is not just a structure; its a statement of style,
resilience, and versatility. It encapsulates the essence of rural charm while providing the
functionality and customization options needed in a modern setting. Whether you’re
looking for a storage solution, a workshop space, or simply an extension of your homes
character, this garage stands as an exemplary choice.