An Investment that will pay for itself

Imagine not having to hand out as much money to a grocery store anymore! All your produce needs can be met with a new greenhouse. The ease of walking out to your yard to harvest, canning and freezing your fresh foods to use throughout the year. With the initial investment of canning material, you are well on your way to self preservation.  Greenhouses can be ordered in any of our exterior options, but the most cost effective would be the Smartside.


Spacious and ready to use…

Your greenhouse will be ready for you to use upon delivery! No reading directions and trying to figure out how to assemble a plastic greenhouse that won’t survive long during winter. The shelves are empty and waiting for your plants! A great option to add to your greenhouse is rubber flooring. It makes cleaning the floors waterproof and so much easier to clean, so you can really enjoy your new space.



Adds beauty and style to your property

You don’t need to just grow vegetables in your greenhouse! Think of the hundreds of dollars you can save by starting your flower garden in your greenhouse instead of having to drive to a public greenhouse and pay for each flower plant.

Relaxation and harmony

Take some quiet time with yourself while you grow and nurture all that nature has to offer you.