Double Smartside Garage

Distinct Variants to Suit Your Style

The Smartside Double Garage comes in two distinct versions: the regular and the
classic, each with its unique charm and functionality.
● Regular Smartside Double Garage: A Modern Touch
● Equipped with two 9×7 insulated garage doors, this variant promises
energy efficiency and a comfortable interior climate.
● It features three windows, with options for shutters or wood window trim,
allowing natural light and enhancing the structures visual appeal.
● The pressure-treated flooring ensures a sturdy and long-lasting base,
resistant to decay and wear.
● A single 36″ man door offers convenient access, perfect for everyday use.
● The architectural shingle roofing with a 3″ overhang not only provides
protection but also adds a modern flair to the garages design.

● Classic Smartside Double Garage: Timeless Elegance
● Mirroring the regular variant, it includes two 9×7 insulated garage doors
for optimal thermal efficiency.
● The three windows are adorned with z-style shutters or wood window trim,
lending a more traditional, classic look.
● The flooring remains pressure-treated, combining durability with a classic
● The 36″ transom man door enhances the garage's classic aesthetic,
making it more than just a functional entryway.
● The roofing is a distinctive architectural shingle with a 9″ overhang, adding
a significant element of elegance and grandeur.





Durability Meets Style

Both variants of the Smartside Double Garage are crafted with the finest materials,
chosen for their resilience and ability to withstand the elements. The combination of
insulated doors, robust flooring, and substantial roofing ensures these garages are
dependable and long-lasting.

Tailored to Your Needs
Recognizing the diverse preferences of homeowners, the Smartside Double Garage
offers customization options, particularly in window treatments and roofing styles.
Whether you choose the regular or classic variant, these garages can be personalized to
align with your style and functional requirements.

A Statement of Quality and Craftsmanship
The Smartside Double Garage is more than just a storage area; it is a testament to
quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Its ability to blend functionality with
aesthetic appeal makes it an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their
property with a practical yet stylish structure.

The Smartside Double Garage, whether in its regular or classic form, stands as a perfect
example of how functionality and elegance can coexist in harmony. These garages offer
not just a practical solution for storage needs but also add a touch of sophistication to
your outdoor space. Ideal for storing vehicles, setting up a workshop, or enhancing your
property value, the Smartside Double Garage is an exemplary choice for modern