Vinyl Single A-Frame Garage

Why Opt for Vinyl?

Vinyl siding, available in traditional and Dutch Lap styles, is the cornerstone of these
garages. This material is celebrated for its longevity and minimal maintenance
requirements, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a lasting solution without the
hassle of frequent upkeep. Coupled with the aesthetically pleasing architectural shingle
roofs, these garages are not just storage spaces but a stylish addition to any property.

Customizable Size and Window Options
The Vinyl A-Frame garages come in various sizes, each tailored to suit different needs:
● For compact spaces, the 6×8 to 8×10 models include a single 18×23 window with
shutters, perfect for natural light and air circulation.
● Medium-sized models ranging from 8×12 to 12×18 feature two 18×23 windows,
enhancing the garage's functionality and appearance.
● The larger garages, starting from 12×20, are equipped with two expansive 24×27
windows, ensuring a well-lit and ventilated interior.





Versatile Door Specifications
Every garage is equipped with a set of robust double doors, dimensioned to
accommodate the garage width:
● The 8′ wide models come with a set of 4’Wx6’H doors, suitable for standard
storage needs.
● The 10′ wide garages are fitted with slightly larger 5’Wx6’H doors, offering more
room for movement.

● The most spacious models, measuring 12, 14, and 16; in width, feature 6’Hx6’W
doors, ideal for storing larger items or vehicles.

Affordable Pricing and Wide Availability
These garages present an excellent value proposition. Wunderbar Structures
commitment to customer convenience is evident in their delivery service, which spans
the entire continental United States, bringing these exceptional structures right to your

The Vinyl A-Frame garages from Wunderbar Structures embody a perfect fusion of
style, durability, and practicality. With their varied size options, customizable window
configurations, and adaptable door sizes, these garages cater to a wide variety of
storage needs. The vinyl siding ensures a hassle-free maintenance experience, making
these garages a smart choice for anyone looking to combine utility with elegance.
Whether for personal storage, a workshop, or simply an extension of your living space,
these garages offer a solution that is both functional and visually appealing.

Browse our ordering options to start planning your ideal Vinyl Single Wide Dutch Garage. With quality construction, customizable options, and appealing design, these garages are not just a building; they’re an extension of your home.