Painted Smartside Mini Barn

The Perfect Fit for Tight Spaces:
Perhaps your backyard boasts limited square footage, or maybe your storage requirements are
more focused. The SmartSide Mini Barn is the ideal answer. Available in various sizes, from 6' x
8' to 12×20, it offers the perfect footprint for multiple uses, seamlessly integrating into even the
most compact spaces.
Standard Features for Maximum Convenience:
The SmartSide Mini Barn comes equipped with everything you need to get started:
● Durable LP SmartSide Exterior: This innovative siding material offers the aesthetic
appeal of natural wood with superior weather resistance and a 50-year manufacturer
● Architectural Shingles: Complementing the exterior siding, these architectural shingles
add a touch of classic charm and provide excellent weather protection.
● Functional Windows: Depending on the size of your mini barn, you'll receive either one
or two windows with stylish slat shutters, allowing for natural light and ventilation.
● Double Doors for Easy Access: Each mini barn comes with a set of double doors
appropriately sized for the model, ensuring effortless access to your stored items.

Smartside Mini Barn

Standard features on the Smartside Mini are the Smartside exterior and architectural shingles

  • 1- 18×23 Window with slat shutters for sizes 6×8 to 8×10
  • 1- 18×23 windows with slat shutters for sizes 8×12 to 12×18
  • 1- 24×27 windows with slat shutters for sizes 12×20 and up
  • 1 set of double doors as pictured.
  • 8′ W – 1 set 4’Wx6’H doors
  • 10′ W – 1 set of 5’Wx6’H doors
  • 12′, 14′ & 16′- 1 set of 6’Hx6’W doors

Model have 4′ side walls so doors and windows may only be placed on the ends.

Customizable Charm: A Splash of Color
While the SmartSide exterior offers a timeless aesthetic, the true beauty of the Painted
SmartSide Mini Barn lies in its customizability. Wunderbar Structures allows you to choose from
a wide variety of paint colors to personalize your mini barn and make it a harmonious extension
of your homes overall style.

Unmatched Durability: Built to Last
The SmartSide Mini Barn isn’t just about good looks; it’s built to endure. Here’s why this mini
marvel stands out:
Engineered Strength: LP SmartSide is a revolutionary product crafted from
compressed wood strands and fortified with a special resin binder. This unique
composition offers superior strength and resilience compared to traditional wood siding.
Weather Resistance: Say goodbye to concerns about warping, splitting, or rot. The
SmartSide exterior is specifically designed to withstand the elements, including rain,
snow, and harsh UV rays.
Pest Protection: Unlike traditional wood, LP SmartSide boasts exceptional resistance to
fungal decay, termites, and other pests that can wreak havoc on storage structures.
Investing in Peace of Mind: Proper Foundation
To maximize the longevity of your SmartSide Mini Barn, Wunderbar Structures emphasizes the
importance of a proper foundation. Ensure your mini barn rests on a stable base, such as a
concrete pad, to allow for proper drainage and prevent moisture build-up.

The Wunderbar Difference: Expertise You Can Trust
At Wunderbar Structures, we take pride in offering exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled
customer service. Our Amish woodworkers handcraft each SmartSide Mini Barn with meticulous
attention to detail, ensuring a structure that not only looks great but functions flawlessly.