Smartside Single A-Frame Garage

Exceptional Design and Accessibility

At the heart of this garage lies its spacious 9×7 insulated garage door, providing ample
room for vehicle storage and easy access. Complementing this is the ergonomic 36″
man door, offering an alternative entryway that is both practical and secure. The
garages thoughtful design extends to its window options, which include 1 to 2 windows
with either shutters or trim, enhancing its aesthetic charm. The flexibility to substitute
shutters for window trim at no extra cost allows for personalized customization to
match your homes style.

Durability and Construction Excellence

Built to stand the test of time, the Smartside A-Frame Garage boasts tread plates and
wall vents, ensuring structural integrity and proper ventilation. The pressure-treated
flooring is a testament to the garages resilience, offering a sturdy and long-lasting
foundation that resists wear and environmental factors. These elements combine to
create a garage that is not just a storage space but a durable addition to any property.



Versatile Roofing Options

Understanding the diverse needs of homeowners, the garage features an architectural
shingled roof as standard. This roofing choice not only adds to the garages visual
appeal but also provides robust protection against the elements. For those seeking an
alternative, the option to upgrade to metal roofing is available. This customization
opportunity allows for a unique touch, catering to specific aesthetic preferences or
environmental considerations.

Customization and Personalization

The Smartside A-Frame Garage is designed with personalization in mind. Whether you
opt for the standard features or choose to customize aspects like the roofing material,
this garage can be tailored to fit your specific needs and tastes. The ability to customize
extends to the window treatments, ensuring that every garage is as unique as its owner.
The Smartside A-Frame Garage from Wunderbar Structures is more than a mere
addition to your property; its a symbol of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.
Whether you’re looking for a reliable space to protect your vehicle, a workshop, or extra
storage, this garage offers a solution that combines practicality with elegance. With its
robust construction, customizable features, and stylish design, the Smartside A-Frame
Garage is an investment in both the functionality and beauty of your property.