Vinyl 2 Story Single Garage

Here are some key features associated with a 2-story vinyl Dutch garage:

  1. Dutch-Style Roof: The Dutch-style roof, characterized by two slopes on each side, allows for increased headroom and storage space in the upper level. The design resembles a traditional barn roof.
  2. Vinyl Construction: The exterior of the garage is made from vinyl materials. Vinyl is a popular choice for its durability, low maintenance requirements, and resistance to the elements.
  3. Two Stories: The garage is designed with two levels. The ground floor is typically used for vehicle storage, workshops, or other functional purposes, while the upper level provides additional space.
  4. Vehicle Storage: The ground level may have one or more garage doors for storing vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, or other equipment. The design allows for easy access to the garage space.
  5. Upper-Level Space: The upper level can be used for various purposes, including additional storage, a loft, a home office, or even recreational living space. This flexibility makes the 2-story garage a versatile structure.
  6. Windows and Doors: These models come standard with 2 windows on the first floor, 2 windows on the second floor, one 9×7 garage door on the first floor, and a 3′ man door. Models are fully customizable so you have the option to change the doors and windows.
  7. Customization Options: Homeowners have the option to customize the interior layout, finishes, and features of the garage to suit their specific needs and preferences.

When considering a 2-story vinyl Dutch garage, it’s essential to consider the intended use of both levels and any specific features you may want to include to make the garage a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your property.

Also consider the optional features that we have available for your convenience such as; insulation, electric, and finished interior options as well.