Smartside 2 Story Storage

Here are key features and considerations for a SmartSide 2-story storage shed:

  1. LP SmartSide Siding: LP SmartSide is a brand of engineered wood siding that is often used in construction due to its strength and durability. It’s made from wood strands or fibers that are treated with resins, waxes, and zinc borate for protection against moisture, termites, and fungal decay.
  2. Two Stories: The storage shed has two levels, providing additional storage or workspace on the upper floor. This makes it suitable for those who need more vertical storage space or want a multi-functional structure.
  3. Design and Customization: LP SmartSide siding allows for various design possibilities. It can be cut and shaped to create a customized and aesthetically pleasing exterior. This also makes great material to finish the interior walls as well. All shed designs can be tailored to fit the homeowner’s preferences and needs.



Interior Finishes: The interior of the storage shed can be finished or left as an open space, depending on the intended use. The flexibility in design allows for customization to suit specific storage or workspace requirements.

Assembly and Installation: Your new shed will be assembled and installed by our professional team of builders once it arrives to your location.

Durability and Maintenance: LP SmartSide is known for its durability, but regular maintenance is still important. Homeowners should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to prolong the life of the siding. It is necessary to have a solid base for a 2 Story Model to be placed on. For these models, we recommend a 4′ packed stone base. Add site prep to your order and Wunderbar Construction will do all the work for you.

Before investing in a SmartSide 2-story storage shed, it’s crucial to check local building codes, and obtain any necessary permits.