Classic Dutch Barn

Signature Design, Standardized Excellence

Every Classic Dutch Barn in our series is built with a suite of standard features that define its unique character and enduring quality:

  • Iconic Roof Overhang: The 9′ roof overhang is a hallmark of our Dutch Barns, providing extended protection and a distinguished look that stands out.
  • Illuminating Windows: Each barn comes standard with 2 – 24×27 windows, complete with our signature Z Style Shutters. These windows ensure your space is bathed in natural light while maintaining the classic aesthetic. In instances where space constraints arise, smaller windows are installed to preserve the barn’s integrity and functionality.
  • Welcoming Double Doors: The standard set of double transom doors varies in size to match the barn’s width, ensuring seamless aesthetics and practicality.
    • 8′ wide barns feature 4’Wx6’H doors.
    • 10′ wide barns are equipped with 5’Wx6’H doors.
    • Larger 12′, 14′, & 16′ barns include spacious 6’Hx6’W doors.


Unwavering Commitment to Quality

The Classic Dutch Barn is defined by its standard features, a testament to our commitment to quality and consistency. Each element, from the architectural details to the functional components, is chosen to create a cohesive, durable, and beautiful structure. With these standard features, the Classic Dutch Barn stands as a timeless addition to any property, embodying the essence of classic design and practical use.

Your Classic Dutch Barn Awaits

Embrace the unique blend of tradition and practicality with our Classic Dutch Barns. Contact us to discover how these elegantly designed structures, with their standard features, can enhance your outdoor space. Our Classic Dutch Barns are not just buildings; they are a testament to enduring style and functionality.