Smartside Single Dormer Garage

Here are some key features associated with a dormer garage style:

  1. Dormer Windows: The defining feature of a dormer garage is the presence of dormer windows on the roof. These windows can be of various styles, such as shed dormers, gable dormers, or hipped dormers, depending on the architectural design.
  2. Increased Headroom: Dormers are often used to increase headroom in the upper level of a building. In the context of a garage, dormers may be included to provide additional space for a loft or storage area.
  3. Architectural Detail: Dormers can add architectural interest to the garage, breaking up the monotony of a plain roofline. The design of the dormer windows may align with the overall architectural style, whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or a specific historical style.
  4. Natural Light: Dormer windows allow natural light to enter the interior space, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. This can be especially beneficial if the garage includes a living space, office, or workshop on an upper level.


When planning a dormer garage, it’s essential to consider the overall architectural style of the property and ensure that the dormer design complements the existing or planned features. Working our skilled sales team who are experienced in dormer integration can help create a garage that balances aesthetics and functionality.