Smartside 2 Story Single Garage

Smartside 2 Story Single Garages

2 Story Smartside Single Garages from Wunderbar Structures are a wise investment for those
seeking quality and elegance. Whether utilized as a storage unit, a workshop, or a
serene retreat in the garden, the 2 Story Single Garage is more than a mere structure; its a
symbol of craftsmanship, resilience, and aesthetic charm.

The 2 Story Single Garage is a testament to the seamless integration of form and
function. Its flexible design, coupled with the durability of its materials and the
assurance of extensive warranties, makes it an exemplary choice for anyone looking for
a high-quality outdoor structure. The 2 Story Single Garage is not just about meeting storage
needs; its about adding value and beauty to your property, an embodiment of the art of
fine craftsmanship fused with practical utility.




Unmatched Warranty and Quality Assurance

The 2 Story Single Garage distinguishes itself with its exceptional warranty coverage, a
reflection of its outstanding build quality:

● A 50-year manufacturer warranty backs the Painted Smartside exterior,
emphasizing its long-term durability.● The structure framing is guaranteed with a 30-year manufacturer warranty,
ensuring its steadfastness over decades.
● The architectural shingled roofing, apart from its aesthetic allure, comes with a
lifetime warranty, signifying its enduring quality.

Aesthetics and Functionality in Harmony

The 2 Story Single Garage is not just a functional space; its a blend of artistry and utility. Its
classic appearance, combined with modern construction techniques, results in a
structure that enhances the beauty of any property while serving a practical purpose.
Customization and Personalization
Recognizing the diverse requirements of homeowners, the 2 Story Single Garage offers
ample customization. Whether its the door placement or the size options, each aspect
of the garage can be tailored to individual preferences, making every 2 Story Single Garage