Smartside Recreational Cabin

LP SmartSide is known for its engineered wood siding products, and if a recreational cabin is constructed using SmartSide materials, there could be several reasons why someone might choose this option:

  1. Durability: LP SmartSide products are designed to be durable and resistant to factors like termites, fungal decay, and impact damage. This can be advantageous for structures like cabins that are exposed to the elements. It’s always good to have proper drainage under your cabin regardless of the exterior materials.
  2. Aesthetics: LP SmartSide is often chosen for its wood-like appearance. It provides the warmth and natural beauty of wood siding but with added durability due to its engineered design. It’s easy to make your Smartside Cabin look like traditional wood by choosing to have your new cabin stained instead of painted.
  3. Ease of Installation: Engineered by Wunderbar Structures and delivered by one of the best delivery companies in the portable structure delivery business, we can have your model delivered to your location and easily installed on your prepared area.



  1. Versatility: LP SmartSide can be used for a variety of architectural styles, and it comes in different textures and finishes. This versatility can be appealing for those who want to customize the look of their recreational cabin. You can design your cabin to meet your individual style.
  2. Warranty: LP SmartSide offers a 50 year manufacturer warranty!
  3. Resistance to Moisture: LP SmartSide is designed to resist moisture and maintain its structural integrity even in wet conditions. This feature can be beneficial for cabins in locations with varying weather patterns. We also recommend that a 4″ stone pad be installed for your cabin to be placed on. This allows for plenty of drainage to extend the life of your building and keep it level. When installing your pad, it’s also good to have it extend a foot away from the sides of your building. This keeps your cabin looking pretty buy keeping mud and dirt from splashing up on the side of your building.