Why buy a 12 Point Hunting Blind

Hunting from a blind gives you advantages that a traditional stand doesn’t, so if you’ve been considering purchasing a hunting blind, here are some reasons why you should….

  • Hunting in any weather. You can also do this is a tree stand but if it rains or snows, you’re going to get wet.
  • Take family & friends hunting. You can take your kids or maybe your partner for a hunt and you don’t have to worry about scent or noise scaring everything off the mountain when taking out a new hunter.
  • Take a heater buddy and be toasty in your blind no matter the temperature
  • Blinds are a safe way to teach a new hunter. You can sit with them in a blind and teach them, all the while building memories.
  • Spend time with someone that may not be able to access a tree stand anymore, such as a parent or grandparent.
  • Cut down on the amount of products that you use to eliminate smell. Using your blind and using the wind will eliminate the need to cover yourself in chemicals.
  • No more worries about noise. As long as you have your windows closed, you can sneeze in the woods without sending the neighboring squirrels into a rampage.
  • Take the snacks! Enjoy all the snacks your want in any packaging you want! Close the windows and rip open those chips and cupcakes!
  • Protection is also great! Personally, not a big fan of bears and I would feel better having a floor and walls around me if one happened to stroll by (I’m not sharing my chips and cupcakes).

So here’s some things to consider when thinking about buying a hunting blind. Maybe you can think of even more reasons why a hunting blind would benefit you or someone you know. That’s just all the more reason to get yours today!

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