Planning Your Recreational Cabin

When choosing a recreational cabin, consider the following factors:


1. Location – proximity to activities you enjoy or natural surroundings you prefer. You will need to choose a property that works for your needs and fits in your budget. Factor in the cost of your cabin and other amenities you may want or need.


2. Size – how many people the cabin can accommodate. Make sure that you factor in the amount of comfortable space you will need.


3. Amenities – features such as electricity, running water, heating/cooling, and appliances. All of these optional features are available from us. Keep in mind if you are going to be using your cabin in a cold climate, you may want to make upgrades to things such as insulation, doors, and windows.


4. Condition – the age and overall condition of the cabin and its features if you are deciding if you would like to buy property and one of our cabins, or a cabin that’s already set up on a property. Buying a cabin from Wunderbar will eliminate “surprises” after your purchase.


5. Cost – both upfront and ongoing costs, including maintenance and utilities. We require 20% down payment if you’re paying cash, but we also offer rent to own leasing with no credit check, or traditional financing. To cut down on maintenance costs, make sure that you place your cabin on a solid, level base.


6. Legal requirements – such as permits or zoning regulations that may affect the cabin’s use.


Recreational Cabins are not intended as a permanent residence. We are not a home builder and will not construct to whatever home codes are in your area. Consider each of these factors carefully before making a decision on which recreational cabin is right for you.

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